Starting from Scratch

Hey there. I’m Jaqui, and this is my first post at The Cherishery.

(This ‘About Me’ stuff is kind of a blogging hazing process, isn’t it? Are all posts so hard to write? Uh oh.)

So, who am I? What will this blog be about? Can it help you?

The short of it is: I’m a slightly crazy twenty-something woman who will shortly transform into a stay-at-home mom with little experience in home and child stewardship. This blog will be an outlet for me to share my challenges, discoveries, and creations in simple and happy homemaking, as well as a means to hold myself accountable for all the improvements I want to see in my life. Really, this blog is about life-making. I’m hoping my experiences can be helpful to others and that through them I can connect with people on their own path toward “happy.”

Hi, people!


TL;DR version:

I grew up with what I now think of as a ‘convenience-oriented life.’ In the convenience-oriented life, all decisions are made based on what is the most convenient at the time, rather than the most practical or healthy or aesthetic. In my experience, the convenience-oriented life doesn’t look at the long-term and it’s not very self-sufficient or simplified. Until I gave thought to what kind of life I truly wanted to have and to pass on to my children, I never questioned that. After all, why make applesauce when you can buy it? Buying is easier, right? More time for video games!

Maybe. But that’s not been making me super content or proud of myself. Nor is it the example I want to set. I’m trying to turn my attitude around now, and ask myself: why buy applesauce when I can make it and it will be healthier, cheaper, better tasting, and really mine? The Cherishery is going to be my diary, my supervisor, and my celebration of this titanic shift I’m undertaking.

I want a life shaped by what I believe in the most, that:

  1. Time spent with people is more important than money spent on people
  2. Nothing but nothing is 100% / always / black-and-white
  3. There’s room for improvement
  4. The delight is in the details
  5. Cherish what you love and you’ll look back with few regrets

So there you have it—what you’ll find on this blog is informed by everything above. Topics may include recipes, craft projects, tips and tricks for health and home, pregnancy and motherhood, my adventures and hobbies, information and research, & more. I feel like i’m changing rapidly at this time in my life. Hopefully I will be able look back on this blog as a record of my stumbling and striving towards the person I want to be one or five or even ten years from now.

I’m on a quest to create my version of the good life, and in a lot of ways I’m starting from scratch. Join me?

Reach me directly at thecherishery at gmail dot com

What I learned writing this post: there really isn’t a good synonym for homemaking.