Tuesday To-Do #3

Well, I missed a week. Already, ugh. That trip out of state, combined with working full days all the days I was home…simply put, I was in no place to write coherently during my down time. But things are settling again into what will hopefully be routine for the next few weeks, and I’m determined to keep this blog going (slowly but surely). I’m not dwelling. On to the next Tuesday To-Do post!

Tuesday To-Do

The Tuesday To-Do Series has very simple rules:

  1. Post a manageable list of goals for the week.
  2. Report back on success/failure next Tuesday.
  3. Repeat every Tuesday.


I’m glad I made the last list (two weeks ago) a nice easy one. Even though I didn’t report it on schedule, I did manage to get it all done before my one week allotment of time was out.

  • Get the kitchen clean & make our lunches every night before bed
    • This makes the morning so much easier. So much. I’ve taken to peeling enough carrots & washing enough apples for a few days at a time too, to save on dishes. Definitely have to keep this up.
  • Decorate apartment for Halloween/Fall
    • Done. Which is not saying a lot, considering how few Halloween/Fall decorations I have. I really thought I had more, but apparently most of what’s in my decorations bin is Christmas/Winter themed. So I went out to Pier One this weekend and finally used up a gift card I had on a lovely new Fall-themed table runner.  Just in time for a party!
  • Sort the last random bag of books onto my bookshelves
    • Ah, finally. All the books we have (that aren’t on loan/missing) are organized onto bookshelves. How long I’ve waited for this day! Unfortunately, this moment causes the inevitable realization that our bookshelves are beyond packed to capacity & we’re really going to have to buy more. All these new baby books need a home. Sigh.
  • Finish 2 pairs of crochet baby booties
    • Managed to do most of this during the car ride to NY, when I wasn’t staring at the awesome October foliage. Unlike reading, crocheting in the car doesn’t make me car sick. Yay!
  • Earn 600 total Swagbucks
    • I ended up taking one of the longer surveys on offer & earned 150 bucks in one go. Not sure the survey was worth it though — I think I might stick to the smaller things that don’t require so much time in the future. I’ve ordered my first Amazon.com gift card & plan to use it on the 2nd book in the Mistborn series, by Brandon Sanderson. Which is pretty good, so far, if not great. I expect it must get better, given the amazing reviews. Here’s hoping!

Tuesday To-Dos #3, October 22 thru October 29, 2013.

  • Get the kitchen clean & make our lunches every night before bed (I’m putting this here every week until it becomes a solid habit)
  • Finish writing & sending Thank You Notes for the baby shower
  • Clean apartment for the Pumpkin Carving Party we’re hosting this Saturday
  • Finish organizing the nursery / put together the Graco swing
  • Finish two crochet baby beanies (to match the booties)

Please join me if you have a list of stuff that needs to be done! Write it out in the comments, or link me to your blog post about it. Then check back in next week and let me know how it went. Good luck!

What I learned writing this post: skipping posts makes me feel really, really bad.